Golden Globe Yacht Race Of Gregor McGuckin Not Ruin

On Thursday, HMAS Ballarat, the Australian frigate will be within the range of helicopter Ile De Amsterdam at first light and will begin the operation to pick up Gregor McGuckin, he is one of two skippers of Golden Globe Race who was dismasted in the fierce storm on Friday amid across the South Indian Ocean.

The second skipper of the race was Indian Naval Commander Abhilash Tomy. In the accident, he sustained back injuries, which is serious. He was injured at the time when his yacht was rolled 360° by 15m high seas. He is admitted in the hospital and will remain there until the Indian Navy Frigate INS Satpura arrives on Friday. After the arrival of the helicopter, he will be transferred to the ongoing medical treatment and then will be taken back to India. After the incident, the Indian Navy on the behalf of Commander Abhilash Tomy tweeted: “At the time when this accident happened, the sea was unbelievably rough.

I along with boat Thuriya was pitched against the might of nature. It was horrible, but I survived due to my sailing skills. There are other things that helped me in surviving where the soldier’s attitude present in me and the training of my Naval. I am really very thankful to Indian Navy & all those who rescued me”
The Capt. of Indian Navy, Dilip Donde, the manager of Abhilash Tomy reported that that now Thuriya’s skipper is recovering and he can now stand and eat on his own. However, as of now, he requires complete rest. Soon he will be released from Ile de Amsterdam on the stretcher.

He also announced about the plans that he has to save the yacht of Tomy Thuriya, which was left drifting in the Indian Ocean at the time when Tomy was recovered by French Fisheries Patrol ship Osiris by the crew. According to the plan the Indian Navy will tow Thuriya and will take it to St Paul’s Island and will leave a crew for its repair work so that it can sail in her land.

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